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Computer and Laptop Backup and Recovery Service

Small businesses need a simple plan to help solve storage and backup challenges for today and tomorrow. To achieve this they must first understand their storage and backup needs. Then they need to manage their data. Finally these businesses must help protect their electronic files using backup and archival systems. As we have discovered there are still plenty of small companies that do not have storage or backup systems, which can be life threatening to business. eBusiness Services offer a fully managed backup service, taking this worry off your hands to ensure that your data is always there when you need it.

Other companies use a variety of devices ranging from external CD drives to external hard drives. Realistically storage and backup systems should archive data off-site and online. If a fire destroys your office PC, it will also likely destroy any external drive or tape sitting nearby. As part of our policy of looking after all our customer IT needs, eBusiness Services will also look after the backup of our customer's data.

How We Manage Your Backups

SSL encryption Backups Using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption, data is transferred over the Internet to a data centre.

backup schedule A backup schedule for each machine is then defined i.e. how often and when the backups take place.

mirrored All data is mirrored to a second location for failover capacity.

No interruption Backups take place without staff schedules or workflow being interrupted in any manner.

Complete supply Data being backed up is automatically compressed and encrypted using 128-bit AES encryption levels.

How We Recover Your Data

Retrieval When backed up data needs to be recovered, eBusiness Services will take care of the files/databases needed for retrieval.

Encrypted form In encrypted form, the backed up data is sent back over the Internet to the defined server.

Data is unencrypted Upon retrieval, data is unencrypted.

Low price CCTV Data has been retrieved and original files restored.

Our backup services are delivered as a subscription service. Because it is hardware free for the end-user, the costs of the service are reduced and charged as a simple monthly fee on the amount of data stored. The cost of protecting your critical business data becomes more transparent and easier to budget for.